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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

May's Cover is...

In 3rd grade I was already settling in to my role as the uncultured/uncool kid. The defining moment was when I told Lori Whatshername "The New Kids on the Block suck!". To which she responded, "You suck!". Touché. I don't remember why I told her they suck. I'm positive I didn't just say it out of nowhere, but it's still pretty lame to rip on her boys like that. I guess I deserved what I got.

10 years later Lori was in my graduating class at Ironwood. I made sure to tell her at least once a month that I was ahead of the curve on that New Kids sentiment. She'd stand by her boys, though. And that's something I've learned about the New Kids: Staying power. Almost 20 years later and they are quite literally hangin' tough. Their current tour has been a success and they're working on a new album.

I was kind of given a blank check with this one. And when you have one NKOTB jam to rock, you have to go with Cover Girl. I think the band's manager, Maurice Starr, is partly responsible for this song. One or two other New Kids had a hand in writing this. Which is kind of amazing, because some of the lyrics are totally weird. Weird enough to make you wonder why nobody spoke up. i.e. "I get up in the morning and I see your face, girl / You're looking so good, everything's in place". Everything's in place? WTF?

If you're not familiar with this song, watch this strange clip.

The little girl in this video will grow up to be in a "Friends" Ripoff.

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  1. whoo hooo. you rock Eric! I knew you were my favorite brother in law for a reason ;)