Is there a song you'd like to hear someone cover? I'm your man. I can never promise quality. And I certainly can't promise you'll like it. So suggest a song and if I pick it, you'll hear my interpretation.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Late on the first day????

When I was 20 I worked at the Virgin Megastore as a cashier. Probably the most fun I've had at a job. After about 6 months I did something right (?) and got a job in the cash office. I was pumped. But the morning of my first day on the job I was up at 4 AM throwing up. But you don't call out on the first day. So I grabbed my keys, a sleeve of saltines and got my learn on.

Why am I telling this story? Because how far I've fallen. It's the first month of the cover challenge and I think I'm going to be late. I'm not absolutely sure, but there's a very good chance I'll be late.

But don't let that upset you. I'll be posting the song soon and either way, I'll be asking for new suggestions soon.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Progress Report 1

So when I picked "The Trooper", I immediately heard a certain style in my head. I was really excited about taking the song in that direction, but... well... I've changed my mind. Originally, I wanted a Pet Sounds era Beach Boys vibe. Especially with that wordless chorus. It seemed like such a perfect fit and it was shocking nobody bothered to do it like that before. But as I tried to construct the verses in the vein of the Beach Boys I really hit a snag.

But dry your eyes, friends. This story doesn't end there. As I was messing about on the verses I was struck by inspiration and I'm even more excited about how it's coming along. I won't give too much away, but I'm going with a band from the same era, but with a totally different sound. I even started to record it on Saturday night but I had to sneak away to another engagement before I got too far. But now that I have the idea plotted it shouldn't take long. Hopefully I can get this one done by Tax Day as a little treat for.

Up the Irons, Phoenix!