Is there a song you'd like to hear someone cover? I'm your man. I can never promise quality. And I certainly can't promise you'll like it. So suggest a song and if I pick it, you'll hear my interpretation.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Cover Girl

I bought the New Kids on the Block cd back in 2002. They had it used at Zia for like $2.99. At that price, you can't afford to not own it. As I drove home that day, I listened to the album front to back. The first thing that struck me was the low quality of the production. Like they went to Target and bought some First Act keyboards. The next thing that struck me was "Cover Girl". I didn't remember that song. I only knew what was showcased on MTV and I'm not sure this ever had a video. You can see a performance (???) on the New Kids concert videos, though.

So it was a good choice for me. One of their deeper cuts, if you will. And I promise to do my next cover a little straighter. Or not. Sometimes you can't help what you do.

Let me know how you like it/hate it. I'm interested. And be sure to suggest a song for June's cover contest. We're off to a great start.

My cover:
Cover Girl (New Kids on the Block cover) by Eric VanAusdal

The original:


  1. Sweet. Sounds more Eric Van A than NKOTB. Love the acoustic guitar sound and how you've left the squeaks in - gives it an intimate feeling. Vocal treatment is excellent as always. The chiming guitars in the chorus are fantastic - reminiscent of the Eno/U2 productions.
    Uber cool man.
    Friday I'm in Love for your next one?


  2. brilliant. I wish you would ditch the lyrics and release it as a single of your own.
    Also, it might be funny if you and I kissed, just as a joke.

  3. Not a bad idea, JMart. Not a bad idea at all. On both accounts.

  4. I loved it! I dont know any musical terms to give you better feedback. you made the silly lyrics/song sound sweet and intimate. I was a huge fan of NKOTB but I never liked this song all that much but your version I would play over and over. Thanks for picking this song ;)

  5. Geez, Intro much?

    Just joking. You know I love this song. June's suggestion? "A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes." Also, I'm glad you don't do straight covers. Straight covers bore me.

  6. Makes me want to listen to the Smiths -Brandt

  7. Very cool, Eric. You must have some serious talent if you can make a NKOTB song worth listening to. Take that, Maurice Starr!

    For next month, I suggest Paisley Park, by the one and only Prince. I'd love to see you work with the funk that is necessary to pull off Prince, and I LOVE this song. It's not well known to the casual fan; it's a cut from the album "Around the World in a Day" which also features Raspberry Beret. It's my first Prince album and every song is so good and funky - I'm sure you've heard all of these songs blaring from my room growing up. I'll post a video on FB - I don't believe there's actually a video for this song, but there'll be something on youtube, I'm sure.

  8. I hated the original but loved this version! I did listen to it multiple times..

    I can picture that intro played with a whole different set of instrument...

  9. This blog sucks and you should stop blogging.

    But just to clarify, NKOTB should never stop singing.

  10. Okay, I know you know I was joking about my comment but I seriously could not sleep, knowing a bunch of other people could see my comment and they might not know I was joking. So, people, I should tell you that this blog does not suck.

    I'm going back to bed now.