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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Progress Report 1

So when I picked "The Trooper", I immediately heard a certain style in my head. I was really excited about taking the song in that direction, but... well... I've changed my mind. Originally, I wanted a Pet Sounds era Beach Boys vibe. Especially with that wordless chorus. It seemed like such a perfect fit and it was shocking nobody bothered to do it like that before. But as I tried to construct the verses in the vein of the Beach Boys I really hit a snag.

But dry your eyes, friends. This story doesn't end there. As I was messing about on the verses I was struck by inspiration and I'm even more excited about how it's coming along. I won't give too much away, but I'm going with a band from the same era, but with a totally different sound. I even started to record it on Saturday night but I had to sneak away to another engagement before I got too far. But now that I have the idea plotted it shouldn't take long. Hopefully I can get this one done by Tax Day as a little treat for.

Up the Irons, Phoenix!

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